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Alhaji Ibrahim

Alhaji Ibrahim, head of Makera District in Kaduna

Alhaji Ibrahim

Alhaji Ibrahim is the Head of Makera District in Kaduna. He serves as the major link and mediator between Total and the Makera community.

What is the importance of your role as the Head of Makera District?

Some of Total’s major facilities are housed in the Makera District. So my job is to oil the wheels and keep the relationship between Total and community running smoothly. This requires me to hold regular meetings with the family representatives of my community to settle any disputes and address all concerns. Currently, I am the highest arbiter for dispute settlements in the district.

What can you tell us about yourself? Any interests or hobbies?

I strive for my environment to be void of tension, so I have to be very patient, willing to listen. I often travel, meditate and read religious books to seek more knowledge and give me the energy I need to be able to do this. I keep myself accessible 24/7, so I am always available to listen to all sides of the story, like a good leader should.

How has your role assisted Total, and their commitment to better energies?

I have supported the implementation of Total’s Awango project by influencing my people to take advantage of this sustainable and clean source of energy. I’ve also encouraged the youths in my district to make use of the business opportunities created by Total via the Awango project. I am fully behind Total’s commitment to better energy, and it is great to be part of it, and see it in action.

Only those who run out of ideas resort to violence.




Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies at Moscow State University with a major in International relations.


further studies

Continued her studies in France at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales, specializing in marketing and finance.


work experience

Over six years of experience in DIY Retail sales, marketing and operations.



Secretary to Caretaker Committee on Congress Election, National Republican Convention, Nigeria



Diploma in Personnel Management, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna State