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Tobechukwu, Solar Services Manager


Tobechukwu is the Human Capital Manager for Total Nigeria Plc. She was Solar Services Manager as at the time of this interview, responsible for facilitating the sustainable growth of renewable energies in Nigeria.

Tell us about your experiences since joining Total                                            

I joined Total Nigeria Plc in 2002 and have been privileged to work in three Divisions in the affiliate: Finance and Development, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, and Sales and Marketing where I am currently Solar Services manager. The myriad of rich experiences I have acquired over the years are formative, invaluable and highly impactful as they have contributed immensely to my personal and professional growth.

What can you tell us about yourself? Any interests or hobbies?

I love challenges, because it keeps my brain functional. My hobbies are reading and teaching. I would say the dynamism and sheer novelty of renewable energies endeared me to taking on this challenging and exciting role. 

How does your role assist Total, and its commitment to better energy?

My role as Solar Services Manager involves facilitating the sustainable growth of renewable energies in Nigeria, with the aim of providing a healthy and eco-friendly source of power.  As regards our newly launched Awango by Total solar lamps line and solar solutions, I am involved in the entire process from sourcing new markets and recruiting prospects to building engagement and customer loyalty.

By listening to our customers and drawing on the synergies from our varied activities, we are set to meet increasing demand for better energy today and in the future. Total is offering solutions that combine energy efficiency and environmental stewardship such as “Awango by Total” solar lamps and Solar Home Solutions kits.

Total's Awango Solar Lamps provides a healthy and environmental friendly source of power

Short Resume


2016 to Present

Human Capital Manager


2013 to 2016

Solar Services Manager


2009 to 2013

Training Manager


2007 to 2008

Retail Trainer, Head Office, Western Region



Regional Training Manager, Eastern Region


2004 to 2007

Masters in Business Administration,University of Benin