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31/08/2016 News

Total Collaborates with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to Promote Sustainable Energy

Because energy is vital and drives progress, it must be available to everyone. Yet access to energy is a daily challenge for 1.3 billion people who live without electricity.

To promote the emergence of new solutions in this area, TOTAL Group ventured into ‘access to clean energy’ in 2010 to develop innovative, economically viable solutions to improve access to energy for low-income communities. This mission gave birth to the development of the Awango by Total Solar Lamps.

The Awango by Total brand was officially launched in Nigeria in 2013 as a business response to a social issue. Awango by Total range of lamps includes top quality and cost effective solar products, such as portable solar lamps, that offer bright lighting and phone charging facilities. The range of lamps includes Sunking Eco, Pro, Pro 2 and TS 120. Since its launch in Nigeria, over 1 million people have been positively impacted through the use of Awango by Total Solar Lamps.

Total is in close collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to increase access to affordable, clean and safer lighting for more than 30 percent of Nigeria’s population with little or no access to the national electricity grid. This collaboration is centered on the Lighting Africa Program, which seeks to increase awareness about the benefits and advantages of premium quality solar products. The program also fosters partnership with global manufacturers and local distributors to build robust supply chain of premium solar products for off-grid consumers. For awareness, several marketing initiatives including road shows, partnership with MFIs, community outreach programs and radio advertisements are being utilized.

Road shows and town storming amongst series of other marketing initiatives commenced in high traffic locations in Port Harcourt, south-south, Nigeria from August 3 - 25, 2016. Activation will continue in major market locations in Abuja from August 30 to September 17 and conclude in Lagos from September 20 to October 1, 2016.