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25/05/2021 News

NAPE Monthly Technical Presentation: Momodu Ogwogho Highlights Turbiditic Systems to Hydrocarbon Development Nigeria

It was an enlightening session for the participants of the May Monthly Technical Presentation of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) as Specialists Sedimentologist of Total, Momodu Ogwogho, enthralled with an incisive delivery on the topic “Understanding Turbiditic Systems for Hydrocarbon Development,” at the virtual event held on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.   

Ogwogho’s presentation featured an icebreaker; Introduction; Turbiditic Systems; Internal Architecture for Exploration & Production; Case Study (B-Mid Channel Connectivity) and Conclusions. In his insight on a discussion captioned Turbiditic Systems: How Prolific (Nigeria)? he spotlighted the importance of Deepwater contributions to reserves in Nigeria already with “an estimated 13 billion barrels of hydrocarbons in the deep water; 850, 000 barrels per day from developed field; 40 % of the Nigeria’s total production; 3.2 billion barrels produced” as of December 2018.

“Sticking with principles do help in subjects like this,” Ogwogho said as he shed light on the topic. He concluded that:

  • Though turbiditic systems (and reservoirs) are quite variable, they can be predictable
  • Their internal architecture needs to be understood in terms of connectivity for well placement and efficient hydrocarbon sweep
  • In the B-Mid channel reservoirs, understanding the internal geometry of these reservoirs was useful in complementing the 4D interpretation.The session moderated by Tunbosun Afolayan was chaired by Dr Joe Ejedawe who described it as a “brilliant presentation.” It was witnessed by the President, Patricia Ochobgu. President-elect& Chairman NAPE Continuing Education Committee, Dr James Edet and almost hundred participants from Nigeria and other countries.

Dr Edet commended Mr Ogwogho for doing justice to the topic and expressed confidence in his ability to do more if given the time just as he commended the participants for being engaged and asking the right questions.