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Opeyemi Owosho

Opeyemi Owosho, 2015 Winner Total Startupper Challenge, Nigeria

Opeyemi Owosho

Opeyemi Owososo is a 31 year old graduate of Engineering from the University of Lagos. He is the Founder and Production Manager of Fitco Technology company - the only company that manufactures table-top gas stoves locally in Nigeria. This product functionally (and psychologically) guarantees users’ safety while using cooking gas. His vision to build the largest manufacturing company in Africa led him to participate in and win 2015 Total Startupper Challenge Nigeria.

What is your Startupper Challenge story?

I am a firm believer of the Nigeria’s industrial revolution dream. But looking around the Nigerian market, at least seven out of ten consumer hardware products are from Far East Asia with its attendant capital flight.

In my pursuit of building Nigeria’s largest consumer hardware manufacturing firm, I started with the production of table-top gas stoves. I was at the pilot production phase when I came across 2015 Total Startupper challenge call for application. I applied and that’s how it all began.

The experience was awesome. From personalised mentoring and pitching sessions to project defence, award ceremony and the viral media buzz to announce the winners.

Being both Nigeria and Continental Startupper winner has been a game changer for my fledging business. With the challenge grant received, I am geared at scaling up production by 1000% in the next three months.

How does Total Startupper Challenge assist Total's commitment to better energies?

Nigeria must diversify. Nigeria is an abode of talented and creative young entrepreneurs but access to funding, trainings and business tools have been an albatross (for these youths) to unleash their potentials. The Total startupper challenge came with these three key resources. Total, through this challenge, is helping young Nigerians channel their energies into productive and nation building ventures majority of which would invariably impact on better energies today and tomorrow.

What can you tell us about yourself? Hobbies or milestones?

Academically, my background is in Engineering, specifically Petroleum and Gas Engineering. I am an alumnus of General Electric (Lagos) garage. I am currently running an entrepreneurial program at Bond’Innov, France.

Looking forward, I am working at building the largest consumer hardware manufacturing company from Africa (within the next 10 years).

“These virtues make all things possible: faith, doggedness and patience.“

“These virtues make all things possible: faith, doggedness and patience. “