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NOPL Project: Helping to provide access to better and cleaner energy - Total Nigeria

Located in the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 58 onshore Nigeria, the NOPL1 is an important development of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the NNPC2 (60%) and TotalEnergies (40%). In line with our commitments to better energy, this project is facilitating the transport of associated gas to the National Integrated Power Plant at Alaoji, Abia State, Nigeria, thereby providing access to cleaner and purer energy (gas powered electricity) for millions of Nigerians. The successful fabrication and installations of these Nigerian Made vessels/structures represent a significant boost in technology transfer and development of local capabilities in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

Improved power supply boosts manufacturing and economic growth

Phase 1 of the 504 megawatt combined cycle Alaoji Gas Power Station was inaugurated in March 2015 by Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan. This development will significantly improve power supply around Aba, the industrial hub of the south east of Nigeria and add a new vista to industrialisation, manufacturing, small and medium scale enterprises while creating employment opportunities for Nigerians. TotalEnergies in Nigeria supports in-country fabrication, services, procurements, construction and engineering/design through its portfolio of OML58 Upgrade Projects which includes NOPL.

Other achievements of this project include:

a. At least 4 indigenous companies have been schooled into tested Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies

b. Several community-based contractors have had their capacities improved.

c. Employment for more than 3,000 Nigerians engaged directly on the projects through technological skills transfer I.E. Project Engineering, construction, welding, drilling etc...

Commitment to domestic gas development enhances healthier environment

The NOPL is a 24 inch, 50 kilometre long pipeline under construction by TotalEnergies in joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and a component of the OML 58 Upgrade.  NOPL has been in operation since January 2015 is a fast track project  with almost all the phases of the project running concurrently.  Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) was used for the major river crossings. The use of HDD techniques is a more environmentally friendly solution and minimizes negative environmental impacts which are inherent when using other crossing techniques due to our commitment to better energy.  Upon completion, the NOPL will deliver 100 million cubic feet of gas per day to the Alaoji power plant thus helping to realise the Nigerian government’s aspirations on gas utilisation.

The objective is to facilitate the supply of gas to the domestic market in Nigeria. The majority of Nigerians living in rural areas depend on firewood and kerosene for heating and cooking.  These sources of energy are clearly not environmentally friendly. Apart from the supply of gas to the Alaoji Power Plant, the NOPL will supply gas to the Nigerian Gas Company, and other private sector businesses which will in turn provide cooking gas to households. Purer energy means a healthier environment.

1Northern option pipe line

2Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation


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