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Promoting Cleaner Energy in Nigeria through Liquified Petroleum Gas

The clean, versatile, and safe nature of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has impacted on its increasing adoption by both retail and industrial consumers alike. While its emission of lower greenhouse gases makes it safer for the environment, its availability and accessibility makes it a better energy source compared to other energies. Yearly consumption figures from Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Company continue to show growth in LPG consumption from 50,000 Tons in 2001 to 140,000 Tons in 2013. To adequately meet this growing demand, TotalEnergies has invested in five state-of-the-arts LPG bottling plants in Nigeria situated at Lagos, Edo, Anambra, Kaduna and Kano states. Our plants have been awarded 1S0 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification. The average storage and filling capacities of these plants are 2,150 M3 and 700 LPG cylinders respectively.

Working to improve LPG safety

Also known as TotalGaz, Total LPG is safely secured within the storage tank during product transportation, delivery or loading thanks to our LPG delivery trucks being fitted with dry coupling mechanism. This significantly limits LPG leakages and the probabilities of accidents occurring.

In addition, TotalGaz cylinder deposit scheme is an innovative initiative designed to ease customers’ access to unadulterated, reliable, and affordable LPG cylinders. Through this scheme, customers deposit a refundable sum of N10, 000 for safe and well maintained TotalGaz cylinders.

Our International Small Site Safety Rating System (ISSSRS) certification further elucidates our commitment to conducting our LPG plants’ operations in line with internationally recognized safety regulations.

Driving LPG accessibility

There are ongoing upgrades to automate LPG filling processes at our bottling plants. We believe that this action coupled with our providing top quality unadulterated LPG through 275 TotalEnergies service stations nationwide would drive increased accessibility of LPG. Other actions in this regard include requisition of high quality cylinders and LPG distribution trucks that meet internationally approved specifications and quality standards. Opening up our LPG retail and industrial markets to external distributors has helped us take LPG to farther areas as we continue to provide better energy for all.

“The Nigerian public is guaranteed exceptional and consistent quality products that meet the highest international standards each time they use TotalGaz. They are also assured of top quality and professional service delivery every time they visit TotalEnergies service stations for TotalGaz services”, says Daniel Chukwu, LPG/Special products Manager at Total Nigeria Plc.

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