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Florence, DGM Total Deepwater Geosciences and Assets Mgt

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Florence has achieved a balance that many would envy.  Ilaka blazed the trail as the first female hired in Total Upstream production engineering department in Nigeria which was a male-dominated environment.

She was born in Lagos, graduated from University of Lagos with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering. She holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering and Project Development from Institut Francais du Petrol (IFP). Florence is married with 4 children (three girls and a boy). She loves helping orphaned kids and spending her free time in sporting activities or relaxing with a good movie.  

Can you describe your position at Total?

As a Development Engineer, I manage pre-development studies through which the concepts and designs of some of our projects are defined. In this position, I have the opportunity of working with our finest in Engineering and Research. By continually challenging the team, I ensure that the selected design concept is the best to optimize resources and to develop the field most efficiently and safely. Committed to Better Energy is our motto and I ensure its application to development studies carried out on behalf of TEPNG DW assets.

How do you manage to achieve balance between motherhood and work?

I try to create time for the different aspects of my life and ensure I give total attention to what I’m doing wherever I find myself whether at home or in the office. I achieve this through methodical planning, prioritizing, and choosing work that I am passionate about.

I also learned to draw inspiration from hard-working women in other departments. In engineering, we are no longer trapped in the mentality that it is a field for men. It is actually open to everyone – but you have to prove yourself.

What has been your motivation in career since joining Total?

I enjoy my work. I love to see the results of development studies becoming full projects that come on stream, it’s beautiful when you imagine the man-hours that have been contributed from different expertise of the company all working towards the goal of producing a defined source of hydrocarbons in an economical and safe way for the benefit of the company, the country and Total’s customers at large.

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“When problems come along, you have to be able to look at them in a different light"

Short Resume


Sept 2014 to Present

Deputy General Mgr, Deep Water (DW)/Development and Planning


Nov 2011 to Sept 2014

Development and Planning Engineer (Europe-Central Asia)


Jan 2010 to Nov 2011

Development and Planning Manager (Offshore Asset)


Jan 2007 to Nov 2011

Development and Planning Engineer (Offshore Asset)


August 2004 to Jan 2007

Head, Production Engineering (Onshore Asset)


June 2001 to June 2003

Programs/Statistics Engineer