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TotalEnergies’ Onigbagbo solar-powered service station paves the way for better energy

TotalEnergies launched its Onigbagbo solar-powered service station in Lagos, Nigeria on 12 June 2014. Built in line with our Committed to Better Energy ambition, it is the first of its kind in West Africa. The construction of this service station is part of efforts aimed at providing energy solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly. It represents our commitment towards energising communities and fostering sustainable development. It also illustrates our dedication towards ensuring environmental sustainability, innovation, and premium customer service.


Making energy better by fostering a sustainable environment

The Onigbagbo solar service station is an integral part of efforts to reinforce our network identity with a resolutely contemporary image, installations that are more energy-efficient and outlets that blend harmoniously into the environment. The SunPower photovoltaic panels on its forecourt roof convert the sun's rays into electricity. This electricity is used to supply renewable energy to power the entire service station.

Its eco-friendly design, transparent canopy, earthy and neutral color tones, and green area creates a warm and welcoming environment for our esteemed customers. This innovative service station also features zero emissions of harmful green house gases, zero noise pollution, and a renewable energy source. Therefore, whether customers fuel, service or wash their cars or simply get cold drinks at its Café Bonjour shop, they are partnering with us to build a more sustainable environment.

Making life better in developing societies

The establishment of this unique solar-powered service station clearly depicts TotalEnergies’ dedication to continuous improvement and the establishment of an identity related to constant innovation that sets us apart in the global energy industry. Reflecting our determination to contribute to local development and establish long-term roots, we plan to roll out other solar-powered service stations in the nearest future. This plan will help us improve accessibility to better energy in communities where it is needed the most. Our ambition is not borne out of purely economic reasons but out of our passion to make sustainable and positive impact on the lives of people in developing societies.


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